The world's first DATABUS Open Source project

A set of XML libraries for DB/C DX distributed under LGPL

DbcDOM features:

  • DbcDOM is written in DB/C using the object oriented technics used in Java.
  • DbcDOM supports export/import of extremly large datas without loosing speed .
  • DbcDOM uses technics of "semantical actions" which helps you better maintainance of XML.
  • DbcDOM has powerfull sets of classes for dynamical structures, which are missing in DB/C DX.
  • DbcDOM has Exceptions system implementation like modern languages, which can be used in your programs.
  • These classes increasing the power of DB/C by providing an high-end standard of XML.
  • DbcDOM has classes for RSA encryption system.

DbcDOM distribution:

DbcDOM support:

DbcDOM development:

Notes on DbcDOM releases:

  • DbcDOM 1.2 is the stable release.

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